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About Yallakora.com

Yallakora.com is not only presenting the first comprehensive Arab region fantasy Football competition, but it’s also considered for the time being ,the biggest Arabic sports portal in Egypt and one of the top 3 on the Arabic region as a whole. Yallakora covers the most popular leagues in the Arab region especially in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia & Morocco besides most of the European and other regional tournaments in the world. Yallakora.com, in the market since 2002, is the football enthusiast's website, housing the first football fantasy game in the region.

LinkonLine one of LinkdotNet Subsidiaries, the leading Internet service and solutions provider in Egypt and the Middle East, owns and manages YallaKora.com.

About the Portal Market

Yallakora.com targets the internet users in the region, 60 % of which are from Egypt and 19% from the Gulf area & around 6% from North Africa. Egyptians abroad also use Yallakora.com, with the majority of them living in North America and Europe.

Egyptian internet user figures have been booming over the past few years due to two governmental initiatives; one of them facilitates the purchasing of news PCs and the other is the free internet project, according to which regular connectivity fees are cancelled.

Target Market Profile

Yallkora.com targets 16-45 years old, A, B & C Class football enthusiasts who are also internet users.


Yallakora.com statistics, independent surveys and user profiles indicate that the market is predominately male, with a male/female ratio of 90% / 10% respectively.

Country Coverage

Yallakora.com covers 4 main markets in the Arab region, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Morocco.

Yallakora.com Advertising & Statistics

Interact with Your Client
Unlike TV and print, our advertisements can interact directly and indirectly with clients. We can either build the interactivity directly in the ad by using technologies like Flash, or indirectly by transferring the user to your website helping you obtain all the information you want to complete or complement sales and marketing.

Yallakora.com Statistics

  • Total Page Views = 50,000,000/Month

  • Portal Average Page Views = 1,700,000/Day

  • Total Visits per month= 20,000,000/Month

  • Total No. of Channels = 30 channels

  • Average Visit Length = 6 Min

  • Page views per visit = 5 / visit

Yallakora competition

YallaKora brings enthusiasts from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, England, Germany & Uefa  online, to create their own team, using players from the actual football leagues of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the others.  Beginning with 140 points, YallaKora players take on the role of real team managers: buying, selling and trading 15 players. Based on the real-life performances of their chosen players in the real-life games, these “team managers’” points are updated.

Yallakora Awards

Yallakora.com won the Golden Award in the Egypt Pan Awards for Internet sports websites.

Also Yallakora.com won recently the Best Arabic Website - portal award at The Internet Awards ME 2011.

URL: www.yallakora.com